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Best Fortnite Settings

Fortnite Battle Royale has quickly become the most popular battle royale game of all time with its unique building mechanics and playstyle.

Players are getting more and more competitive and EPIC Games is gearing up for Fortnite to enter esports with hundred million prize pools.

We want to provide casual, competitive and professional players with guides, settings, pro settings, and buyer guides all related to Fortnite BR.

Optimize In-Game Settings

If you want to optimize Fortnite for high performance, there are some settings you can start tweaking right away.

First, we will go over the in-game video settings and then we will talk about choosing the right resolution.

  • Windows Mode: You want to run the game in fullscreen mode. This is to be able to use custom resolutions (stretched resolutions, we will get back to this later), but also to give the game maximum priority.
  • Display Resolution: No need to touch this, you will want to run on a custom resolution, but will not be able to set it from in-game.
  • Frame Rate Limit: There is a lot of discussion about this setting, and the answer is not straight. Put it to unlimited or as close to your monitors refresh rate as possible.
  • Quality: Do not change anything here.
  • 3D Resolution: No need to change this either.
  • View Distance: Unless you got an outdated graphics card and are looking to squeeze out every frame rate, you should set this to EPIC or FAR. You want to be able to see enemies far away.
  • Shadows: Shadows can distract you and reduce frame rates, set this to OFF.
  • Anti-aliasing: Turn this setting OFF as well for more FPS.
  • Textures: Now for maximum FPS this should be set to LOW, but as with View Distance, there can be an advantage to settings it to HIGH or even EPIC. Having it set to HIGH, will make it easier to spot enemies further away. Our recommendation is that you set it to HIGH unless you have an outdated graphics card, in this case, set it to a LOW or MEDIUM.
  • Effects: Set this to LOW. Effects are for example wind in threes and smaller effects. It will only distract you and have a minor impact on FPS.
  • Post Processing: Set to LOW. Post Processing will make things further away look blurry and will degrade performance (FPS).
  • Vsync: If you have Nvidia G-sync enabled, you should also enable Vsync in order to minimize input lag. Otherwise, turn it OFF.
  • Motion Blur: Turn it OFF. Motion Blur is really bad in competitive scenarios.
  • Show FPS: Up to you, we find it useful to see the FPS in-game.

What is the best resolution for Fortnite?

It is widely accepted among professional players that using a stretched resolution is best for competitive Fortnite.

After playing on native resolution for a long time to increase the quality of his stream, professional player for FaZe Clan, Tfue, has now switched to stretched resolution.

Tfue is using a resolution of 1444 x 1080.

Players using stretched or custom resolution, reports that it feels much smoother in general and that building is much easier.